Qian Zhang

Professor, Ph.D. Advissor
DOB: 1971
Dean of Organic Chemistry Committee of Jilin Province Chemical Society, Scholar Committee member of NENU 

E-mail: zhangq651@nenu.edu.cn


1993 NENU B.S.
1996 NENU, M.S.
2003 Ph.D. Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS
2004.2-2004.7 Visiting Scholar, Sydney University
Research Interest
Professor Zhang’s research has been focusing on development of novel C-N bond construction methodologies.She has developed many C-N construction methodologies and published over 40 papers in important prestigious journals as corresponding author, such as Nat. Commun,J.Am. Chem. Soc,Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.etc.
Thieme Chemistry Journals Award (2014)
Changchun “Female Excellent Contributors”Award(2014)
MOE Excellent Talents of the New Century(2008)
Nomination Award of Hundred Excellent Ph.D. Advisor(2013)
NENU “Fang-Wu Yong Scholar” (First Batch)(2014)
Changbai Mountain Scholar of Jilin Province(2013)
Subject Leading Scholar of Jilin Province (First Batch)(2013)
MOST Innovation Propellation Program Middle Age Sci &Tech Innovation Leader 2015)
Representative publications:
1.T. Xiong, Q. Zhang,* New Amination Strategies d on Nitrogen-centered Radical Chemistry,Chem. Soc. Rev.2016,45, 3069-3087.
2.G. Zheng, Y. Li, J. Han, T. Xiong, Q. Zhang,*Radical Cascade Reaction of Alkynes withN-Fluoroarylsulfonimides and Alcohols,Nat. Commun.2015,6, 8011.
3.G. Zhang, T. Xiong, Z. Wang, G. Xu, X. Wang, Q. Zhang,* Highly Regioselective Radical Amination of Allenes: Direct Synthesis of Allenamides and Tetrasubstituted Alkenes,Angew. Chem.,Int. Ed.,2015,54, 12649.
4.H. Zhang, Y. Song, J. Zhao, J. Zhang,* Q. Zhang,* Regioselective Radical Aminofluorination of Styrenes,Angew. Chem.,Int. Ed.,2014,53, 11079-11083.
5. H. Zhang, W. Pu, T. Xiong,* Y. Li,* X. Zhou, K. Sun, Q. Liu Q. Zhang,* Copper-Catalyzed Intermolecular Aminocyanation and Diamination of Alkenes,Angew. Chem.,Int. Ed.,2013,52, 2529-2533.
6.J. Liu, Z. Fang, Q. Zhang,* Q. Liu, X. Bi,* Silver-Catalyzed Isocyanide-Alkyne Cycloaddition: A General and Practical Method to Oligosubstituted Pyrroles,Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,2013,52, 6953-6957.
7.Z. Ni, Q. Zhang,* T. Xiong, Y. Zheng, Y. Li, H. Zhang, J. Zhang,* Q. Liu,* Copper Catalyzed Highly Regioselective Benzylic C–H Amination byN-Fluorobenzenesulfonimide, Angew. Chem.,Int. Ed.,2012,51, 1244-1247.
8.T. Xiong, Y. Li, X. Bi,* Y. Lv, Q. Zhang,*Copper-Catalyzed Dehydrogenative Cross-Coupling Reactions ofN-p-Tolylamides through Successive C–H Activation: Synthesis of 4H-3,1-Benzoxazines,Angew. Chem.,Int. Ed.,2011,50, 7140-7143.
9. K. Sun, Y. Li, T. Xiong, J. Zhang, Q. Zhang,*Palladium-Catalyzed C–H Aminations of Anilides withN-Fluorobenzenesulfonimide,J.Am. Chem. Soc.,2011,133, 1694-1697.
10.Z. Zhang, Q. Zhang,* S. Sun, T. Xiong, Q. Liu,*Domino Ring-Opening/Recyclization Reactions of Doubly Activated Cyclopropanes as a Strategy for the Synthesis of Furoquinoline Derivatives,Angew. Chem.,Int. Ed.,2007,46, 1726-1729.